Kylie jenner deleted her vine
Anonymous: where can i buy a similar bad bitches nackles ? :) ps: i love your blog! im so addicted <3

Pieces :)

Anonymous: So, why we can't know Kendall's tumblr??????????????

She wants to keep it private

Anonymous: Kylie said that in kendall's blog there'are a K and a J and i was searching for her blog by Kylie's reblogs. I may spent an half hour with Kylie's blog under my eyes but I didn't find that :( ahahahah

Thats because kylie dont reblog from kendall so often

Anonymous: I love them but the fact that they made a "book" insults me as someone who actually reads and wants to be a writer. I highly doubt they made even one page on that book. They don't even appreciate books. I've never seen one of them write or read. And Maya isn't even credited on the book cover. I'm 95% sure she wrote it and they just paid her to add their names. Or they just gave the idea for the plot. It's not even unique. If it's any good and they ACTUALLY co-wrote it, then I take my words back.

I dont Think they didn’t get any help, but i Think they made the plot and everything, and i Think they wrote some of it, but Got professional help. I’m a little bit jaloux since i want to become a writer but Got no contacts but I’m happy for Them. And honestly its no different than Bella thorne making a book or one direction making a parfume so people (not you anon) can’t say that they are the only one doing it

Anonymous: So it was confirmed that kylie and Cody are dating now?

Its confirmed that they were dating

Anonymous: what is the name of kylies tumblr?


Anonymous: Do you know any background information Kylie and Cody Simspon? I saw a couple of pictures of both of them being fairly intimate. AND MAY I ADD, these pictures were specified as old. So I was just wondering if you had info on the possible dating history between the two.

I know they dated in 2011 but they only confirmed dating resently, they were very private, and there is not many Pictures of them together.

Anonymous: do you know where i can get the hat kylie wore to coachella??
Anonymous: are kylie and kendall actually writing a book? IF THEY ARE what's it gonna be about?
Anonymous: What lashes does kylie use? And is kendall shopping for school supplies? ._.

do you mean masacara? and it looks like she was looking for notebooks :)

Anonymous: Which interview did Kendall talk about tumblr? Can you link me to it? Thankyou
Anonymous: Do you think kylie/kendall are still Friends with selena because she Deleted the pictures of them..xx

I Think they are still friends :) selena is just acting weird. She unfollowed other people too so